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Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is an exciting sport that engages your dog in a hunt for rats that are safely enclosed in aerated tubes.

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Barn Hunt


All Barn Hunt instruction is taught indoors on matted flooring. Our ring set-up is changed frequently to give your dog exposure to a wide variety of tunnels and courses. All instruction is individualized. We have over 30 rats for your dog to hunt.

We hold two trials yearly which are sanctioned through the Barn Hunt Association. Trials are held in March and November.



"Absolutely a wonderful place to trial and learn. A totally positive environment, safe and comfortable for dog and owner. Highly, highly recommended."


"Fantastic place to trial! A super organized great group of people!"

"Great trainers in both Barn Hunt and Nose Work!"

"I highly recommend Bans and Noses. The instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, and friendly. Their trials are always creative, and fun. It's not just a place to train your dog, it's a community."

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