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K9 Nose Work Classes

We charge $25.00 per class. All sessions are 4 to 6 weeks in length. All dogs begin K9 Nose Work classes searching for food in boxes. We introduce odor alone once your dog has worked paired hides (food and odor).  Barns and Noses wants your dog to have a strong foundation whether you are taking classes to have fun with your dog or to compete.

Happy Ratters Classes

We offer Happy Ratters group classes on Wednesdays. The cost of group lessons is $25.00 per class. Instead of searching for rats in straw, the dogs search for rats in "clean trash."  The course consists of a burrow, bridge, and bags of newspaper, boxes, etc. You can expect to learn the rules of the sport as well as handling techniques during each class.


*We accept cash, checks, and Paypal. 


We do not allow flexi-leashes, e-collars or spray bottles. Please be responsible and pick up after your dog.

If you miss more than 3 group classes in any 12 week period, we will ask you to move to another class that better fits your schedule. Veterinary shot records are required.

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